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Past events
 LifeWatch ERIC Scientific Community Meeting Conference (Rome, Italy: 27-29 May 2019)
2nd Working Meeting on Metadata, Vocabularies & Ontologies (Lecce, Italy: 15-17.4.2019)
EGU General Assembly 2019 (Vienna, Austria: 7–12 April 2019)
3rd LifeWatch-ERIC General Assembly (19-20 December 2018), Seville, spain.
1st Working meeting LifeWatch-ERIC Data Centres (13-14 December 2018) Ljubljana, Slovenia
Metadata, Controlled Vocabularies and Ontologies: Working Meeting, (12-13 November 2018) Lecce, Italy
ENVRIplus LifeWatch International Summer School (9-13 June) Lecce, Italy